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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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city. ktvu's scott reiss is there with how the giants are getting -- giants are getting ready. >> reporter: well, as you know, it is an even numbered year, playing the baseball season but this time feels different. after all they are more goliath than david. the giants are a favorite. both teams took battle practice today. the giants are used to this after three world series in five years. they are also used to this stadium. they played three games here in august. bad news, they got swept. good news, they have plenty of intel on the enemy. >> we weren't playing great baseball then, we are a different team right now. i don't know if we can take a lot from that series. they dominated us. so hopefully we will change that up here. >> they always play the small
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game to try to move the runners, play good defense. timely hitting. good pitching. that is who we are. i think it will be a great world series. >> one thing that i think will be key is controlling the running game. and making pitches, we can't change the location of where we pitch, keeping them off the bases will be great. it will be a huge deal keeping them off the base paths or from advancing. >> reporter: i can tell you the giants were loose before today's work out as the strength can conditioning coach was barking out instructions. hunter pence tackled to the ground and three other players gave him jabs. clearly whether it is because of the experience or the personalities they are more than ready for game one. in kansas city, scott reiss, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the giants are warming up and fans are gearing up for the
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world series. ktvu channel 2 news viewer shared this photo using #giants 2 win and she is sharing pictures. share your photos on twitter or instagram using #giants 2 win and we could use your photo on air. stay with us tonight for our still believein' giants following this newscast. we will hear from scott reiss and joe fonzi will tell us who is starting and the difference that could make it or break it for the giants, tonight at 6:30 p.m. new at 6:00 p.m. when you call 911 the last thing you expect is to have to wait for someone to answer the call. the problem is, that is what happens for many people in the east bay. it happens when calling 911 from the cell phone. it goes to the dispatch center. but police tell us plans are in the works to change that. and ktvu's allie rasmus is here
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and explains the challenge ahead. >> reporter: it is a plan that could take years to complete but police say their goal is to accept some 911 cell phone calls by the end of the year. some say that change can't come soon enough. >> reporter: four years ago. she remembers that day when she waw a woman -- saw a woman get hit by a car. >> i saw her fall and fall into the streets. >> reporter: she knew if she called 911 from her cell phone it would get routed to chp so she called the emergency number. what she heard was recording. >> it was a minute and a half before a human being picked up. >> reporter: the average wait time for people who call 911 in september was 30 seconds. a year ago it was 13-16
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seconds. they recommend 90% of all 911 calls be answered in 10 seconds or less. >> it is an emergency call and we want to make sure we can respond as quickly as possible. >> reporter: most bay area cities handle cell phone 911 calls themselves but oakland routes the calls through the chp. he says the department has the technology oreceive 911 calls from -- to receive 911 calls
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from cell is restricted to chil
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and this tiny injection may also be available. doctors say the sooner you and your family are immunized the safer you will be. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the national nurses union is pushing on stricter standards on caring for ebola patients. the centers for disease control and prevention released guidelines today for healthcare workers. they call for face shields, hoods, boot covers and other equipment that leaves no part of the body exposed but that may not be enough. >> we need the optimal equipment, the equipment that people have been told to use is not the highest standard. we need to go above and beyond
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because so much is unknown. >> national nurses united and the california nurses association are meeting tomorrow with governor jerry brown. they will ask for upgraded safety measures measures and hazmat suits and training programs. the memory of the oakland hills firestorm will never leave those who survived it, new efforts being made to protect the new neighbors that moved in since then. >> this is chico. you can see he is under weight. when he came to the humane society he was covered with flees but the owner didn't want to give him up so the humane society got creative. >> our weather weather is coming to an end and i will outline the transition to drier, milder weather coming up.
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funding is running out because voters failed to renew it parcel tax. and it was on this day in 1991 the oakland hills firestorm destroyed 3,000 homes and killed 25 people. since then the fire department implemented new strategies, including better training and they have a fire station that
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top of the hill and the department bought new fire echingles to handle the streets in the hills. new at 6:00 p.m. he was just skin and bones but an animal shelter was so motivated to save him that the the humane society say they were focused on rescue and not punishment. ktvu's claw keen w reports. >> he has won the hearts of the staff at the had humane society. they believe he is about six years old but the years were anything but easy. these are pictures when he arrived. his ribs were showing and infested with flees. >> never seen so many flees on a little dog. he would have problem died.
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he would have not survived the winter. >> this shows his first meal with him. they call it his freedom meal. his first in a long time. the owner didn't want to give him up so the humane society d done before. they figured out what the owner wanted and made a trade. >> they liked the rims the neighbor had so he was traded for car rims. >> reporter: the people were involved to get involved. trading solved the problem, getting chico to safety. >> people don't like to be judged and i want to offer this place to be a safe haven for animals. >> reporter: while in some cases the only thing to do is call police and animal control, this was not that case. >> sometimes you have to be patient and not threaten them with the law.
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>> reporter: he still has a long read go with more tests and months of treatment. and they are trying to raise money for his care that could cost thousands but there is a sense of victory here for the little dog. because the toughest part of his journey are over. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> still has a long road but he looks a lot different. >> a lot better. our weather now, a lot of drizzly gray weather but clearing is on the way. meteorologist rosemary orozco is tracking the changing conditions. >> for most of us a beautiful sunset. the official sunset in 10 minutes. look at this pretty view. as we look west towards the bay bridge. that is not it. it was a moment ago. a beautiful blow there. a nice orange sunset among the
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clouds. back to the radar. it quieted down. we had good activity. it moves through the bay area. we had a front that started over the north bay and then into the afternoon, through the central bay and this afternoon over the south bay. you can see at this point it moved off to the south. i want to point you to the north, the second half still bringing active weather to northern california. but i put arrows here to show you the direction of the second part of the system. not coming to the bay area. it will push off to the east. we will dry out. which the possibility of maybe a few lingering showers. i will show you this. at this hour, we get into the over night hours, partly cloudy skies, into the over night now, 2:00 a.m. tuesday morning, little bit of moisture here, over the north bay hills. and then i am seeing ovclear lake area and that is it. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies and the clearing and dry weather, it will be a chilly
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start for some. first let's look at the rainfall totals. a few for most of us. san francisco 5/100 and traces in napa, fairfield, livermore. los gatos 2/10. that is good there. half moon bay, 10th of an inch. these are the highs from today in addition to the wet weather, we are cooler, 5-10 disease. 71 antioch, rosa. now -- santa rosa. tomorrow morning a lot of 50s. low 50s from the bay inland. north bay it will be a chilly start. afternoon highs upper 60s to low 70s. with synchronize for the afternoon. -- sunny skies for the afternoon. 70 degrees for sunnyvale and mid-60s to 70 degrees along the
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peninsula. extended forecast, mild, dry until we get to friday, a slim chance of scattered showers when the giants play on friday. >> game 3 friday, game 4 saturday. thank you. the national park service announced a spike in entrance feeze at yosemite. the fee will rise from $20 to $30 per vehicle. this is the first fee hike since 1997. the additional revenue will off set maintenance costs. the 49ers are back home after a beat down in denver last night and the giants had their first full work out in kansas city today getting ready for game one of the world series. joe is up next with sports.
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tomorrow night we won't be talking about it, we will be watching the giants and the royals in the world series. the giants stretched things out today in preparation for tomorrow's game one. both teams are rested which means they will go with their aces, madison bumgarner for the
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giants and james shields for the royals. this is a return trip to the giants who were swept in august. madison bumgarner pitched well in a loss in game one but didn't have the strongest defense behind him and don't expect him to review the video. >> i don't watch video. i just get myself prepared and, you know, ready to go. make pitches and read situations and how it is going and read the hitters. >> thank you. >> a little bit of scouting but i am not a video guy. >> the bye-week couldn't come at a better time for the 49ers. 49ers dominated by peyton manning and the broncos. the injury situation got worse for san francisco when kolgore fractured his ankle.
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he will undergo surgery tomorrow. the 49ers will have to adjust again. the bye will provide time to regroup. >> happens to everybody. and not what you want to have happen. understand that -- that the opponent played extremely well. what can we learn, what can we learn from. >> and high school football time in the six games on which you can vote for the high school game of the week. to vote for the game you want to see go to, click on high school sports, make your choice. >> there is a lot i would like
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to see. >> you have to make a choice. [ talking at the same time ] >> see you on friday. >> thank you. as we showed you the giants warming up, fans are gearing up as orange october hits a fever pitch. stay with us for a special look at the giants trip to the world series. still believein' is coming up next. thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you for joining us.
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with one swing of the bat, san francisco is still believing. for the third time in five years the giants are headed to the world series. >> they believed from day one they would be able to do it. you got get one,


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